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My name is Kevin Nguyen.
16 Years of age & Viet.
Resides in the 780.
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My Prom Asking to my GirlFriend Anne Agda

Alright so basically here is the plan,

She will watch a “Fake Prom Asking” Video, at the end it will say Justkidding.

After someone will be holding a sign outside that classroom

“Here are some the things I love about you…”

People will take her to the Circle Stage and she will run into people holding other signs 

*People holding the posters will be holding them around her throughout*

She will then taken to the circle stage while “Just The Way You Are” - Bruno Mars is playing from the First Verse to the chorus
she will be seated in the middle of the circle stage with the people holding posters behind her while she watches the dance.

People will add on. at the last chorus part of the song EVERYONE else will come in to dance *basically this is a huge ass flash mob*

People will surround the circle and each person will hold a rose and walk up to give it to her 

After I people will hold up a big poster and I will have “Me”
” Will you go to prom with me Anne Agda” 

Thank You so much for everyone who helped me. :) I love you ABB


this is way too cute!!

This made me cry…

oh my gosh.

I wanna do this. Omg


Haha, that’s cute. I’m going to do something a lot bigger when I get my chance (:

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